AKA: White ash, American ash
What: Hardwood tree with about 70 species worldwide. Ash is linked to the Olive tree family because the natural oil in the wood is chemically similar to olive oil.
Where: A North American tree, mostly found in the Eastern US and Canada.
Properties: Straight grained & open pored. Good strength, excellent shock-resistance, toughness, stiffness, and hardness qualities compared to its relative light weight. (harder than red oak, a little bit less hard than Hard Maple) Has a janka hardness rating of 1320.
Workability: One of the best woods for steam bending. Machines, glues, sands, and stains well.
Uses: Ash is so hard, yet flexible and light, that it is best known for being used for baseball bats. Also used for flooring, furniture, tool handles, and sports equipment (hockey sticks and canoe paddles)