AKA: American beech (Fagus grandifolia) – gray beech, red beech, white beech European beech (Fagus sylvatica)
What: American beech grows to 120’ tall with the average height being 80’, while the European counterpart grows 50-60’ tall. Beech has a slow growth rate with a fine to medium texture.
Where: American beech grows in southeast Canada and the eastern half of the US as well as west to Wisconsin, Missouri, and Texas. European Beech grows in Western Europe, with a large portion dominating 40% of Germany’s hardwood forests.
Properties: Slightly less hard than maple and white oak (Janka 1300). Has a grain pattern similar to maple. Coloring goes from white with a red tinge, to light to dark reddish brown. It’s a hard, strong, close-grained wood.
Workability: Great wood for steam bending. Machines easily and holds nails well and as is very durable. Stains well in a variety of colors.
Uses: Lumber, veneer, furniture, cabinetry, charcoal, railroad ties, pulpwood, cooperage, boxes, crates, baskets, pallets, furniture, flooring, doors, trim, paneling, millwork, woodenware, handles, brooms, brushes, food containers, turnery, and chemical extracts such as methanol, acetate, and wood tar (creosote)