AKA: There are many types of pine, including: Ponderosa, lodgepole, longleaf, red pine, shortleaf, sugar, Western white
What: A softwood tree which averages 100’ to 160’ in height. Ponderosa pines live for about 125 years. A coniferous tree, one of the most abundant in America
Where: Found all across North America from Mexico to Canada. Found predominantly from Central to the Eastern coast of North America to the Great Lakes.
Properties: Pine is very soft, only a little bit harder than Basswood (Janka 460). Pine has a minimal amount of reddish-brown heartwood and a very wide sapwood which is straw-like in color. It has a straight, uniform grain. Can be selected to be relatively clear, or have great knots. Pine ages to a golden yellow when exposed to sunlight.
Workability: Pine is porous and will cup if exposed to moisture. It does not have great strength, but has great workability. It is easy to machine, sand, and glue. Pine stains easily, but not evenly over large expanses of wood.
Uses: Residential construction, moulding, paneling, woodworking, furniture, treated products for outdoor projects, pallets, concrete forms, crates, wood packaging, wagons, toys, window shade slats, mouse traps.