African mahogany is the general name for a variety of Khaya species. Other names are often tied to the location the tree comes from.

What: Hardwood tree that reaches heights of 180’ to 200’ high
Where: Africa, from Uganda to the Ivory Coast
Properties: A relatively soft hardwood, it is harder than alder and softer than cherry (Janka 830). It has a texture that ranges from medium to coarse, and a grain that is straight to interlocked. Has often been rated second to the Swietenia mahoganies (Honduran Mahogany), although the price is a lot less and you can still get interesting grain configurations with more ribbon stripe and luster than tropical mahogany. The Khaya species tends to be lighter in color than the Swietenia species; a more salmon/pink tint.
Workability: Easy to work with by hand and machine tools. It is easy to finish and naturally takes on a high luster.
Uses: Furniture, cabinetry, interiors, boat building, joinery, store fixtures