AKA: Hard maple, rock maple, sugar maple, white maple
What: Hardwood tree that grows to an average of 130’ high
Where: Great Lakes states, Appalachians, and the Northwest United States and Canada
Properties: Strong, resistant to wear. Has and innate luster and a cream-white color with a reddish tinge. Often has a straight grain and uniform texture, but can produce curly or wavy grains as well. Maple is one of the harder North American trees (Janka 1450).
Workability: Has a medium density, and good bending and crushing strengths. Machines and turns well. It glues satisfactorily and can be stained, although darker colors take more sophisticated techniques.
Uses: Furniture, cabinetry, floors, sporting goods, millwork, butcher blocks, musical instruments, specialty items like baseball bats. Sugar maple trees are the source of maple sugar and syrup.